Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring Your Cat To Work Friday!

Fridays always rock here in the Ticket King Minneapolis office, but today REALLY rocks!  Being the cat lover that I am, today really couldn't be much better.  Nicole got the privilege of bringing her furry friend Raheim into work today so I'm naming it "Bring Your Cat to Work Friday."  Our boss even said we could do this once every week!  This is some of the best news I've ever heard!  We're also fortunate to have awesome bosses that buy us lunch on Fridays.  You do the math.  Office cat once a week + free lunch Fridays = coolest job ever.  Now I know there isn't another place out there with cooler perks.  Thanks Ticket King!!  And thanks to Nicole for bringing us such cute, furry company today. As you can see in the picture below, our street guy Gary really enjoyed Raheim's company as the two of them hung out together this morning.  For lunch, I decided to get a Coldbuster from Jamba Juice to help kick this cold I feel coming on.  I would live on Jamba Juice if I could.  I discovered that Raheim is also a big fan of Jamba Juice smoothies!  As you can see, he couldn't stay away.
Today was definitely an enjoyable day here at Ticket King and I look forward to many more!

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