Monday, March 30, 2009

Twins Season Almost Here!!

Next Monday is already the Twins' home opener game against the Seattle Mariners!! They play a game every day this week until Saturday and then they will head home to play at the Dome. If you're still looking for Twins tickets for the Spring Training season or for the regular season, we do still have tickets for both so check them out! The opener game has been a pretty popular one as I'm sure it always has been, but the fans must be getting more anxious than usual waiting for winter to be over with this year and I'm right there with them!! GO TWINS!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jay Leno In Town!!

Tomorrow night Jay Leno will be at Mystic Lake Casino doing two shows at 5 PM and 9 PM! Check out our EXCELLENT selection of Jay Leno tickets! We still have a few FRONT ROW seats left too! I haven't seen him live before but his late night show is usually pretty entertaining so I'd bet seeing him live would be pretty awesome! I've heard a little about his amazing collection of vehicles and being a car enthusiast myself, I would love to know more about the different high-performance cars he owns. If you're looking for something fun to do tonight, go see Jay at Mystic Lake- his observational comedic style is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NCAA Tix - A Big Deal

It seems like Gopher fans are very excited to be attending the NCAA Tournament this year, which is the 8th time for us! Our first appearance was back in 1994 and following that, we had a streak of five consecutive tournament appearances from 2002-2006. Overall, we are 10-7 in NCAA Tournament play- not bad at all. It's no wonder our phones have been ringing constantly and tickets have been selling like crazy! We're selling NCAA tickets to all 3 sessions and amazingly still have some left so check them out before they're gone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Go Go GoPhErS!!

Woo Hoo! Our Gophers have done it again! They defeated Northwestern today at Conseco Field House- advancing them to the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament! This is the second straight year that they have defeated Northwestern in the opening round of the Big Ten. Overall, the Gophers are 3-1 against the Wildcats in tournament play. The Gophers will face Michigan State tomorrow at noon and fortunately for the fans, we do still have a few Gopher tickets left to the big game- But hurry because they are a very hot commodody right now!!

Go GoPhErS!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Droppin' By...

HAHA! So get this.. The boss just got a call from Cortney over in our St.Paul office. She informed him that someone tried stuffing a ziplock bag full of POOP through the mail slot and was unsuccessful. Wow.. I don't know what's funnier- imagining the look on Cortney's face when she saw it or the fact that someone left us a bag of poop and even took the time to try shoving it through the mail slot. HA! Soo what do you think, was it a prank or did we just have our first-ever unhappy TicketKing customer?!?!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BIG WIN for the Gophers!!

Last night's basketball game against the Wisconsin Badgers turned out to be a pretty close one but the Gophers managed to keep the lead for most of the game at Williams Arena and won it with a 5-point lead. This means they're now on their quest for madness! They will be playing in the WCHA, with the first game on Friday, March 13th. Hopefully this will be a lucky day for the Gophers! If you don't have your WCHA Gopher tickets, check out our inventory. We still have some GREAT seats left!