Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Obstructed View Minnesota Twins Tickets

Hey Twins fans! I just wanted to give you a couple pointers to help you out when buying Minnesota Twins playoff tickets. Whether they are from us or from some random guy on the street, please note that some Twins tickets DO have an obstructed view. Here at Ticket King, we always state this in the description of the tickets (when ordering online) or we will personally explain it to you if you order on the phone or in our office. Also, just know that anything above row 28 in the upper level of the Metrodome could be obstructed. The ticket itself will say 'obstructed view' on it, so watch for that when purchasing tickets from someone you may not know. And as always, be careful of who you buy tickets from. They should disclose this to you right away! Don't be afraid to ask the buyer if tickets are obstructed either, as it's always better to be safe than sorry. Cross your fingers for the next few games and help us cheer on the Minnesota Twins!!!

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