Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sylvia Browne Treasure Island Tickets

Sylvia Browne is a well-known author on the subject of spirituality who describes herself as a psychic and spiritual medium. She has made appearances on Larry King Live and has also been a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show and she now hosts her own show on Hay House Radio. Sylvia Browne will be returning to the Treasure Island Showroom in Welch, Minnesota on Thursday, April 21st for a show at 8pm. If you've ever wanted to ask her a personal question or if you just want to see and hear her talk about her psychic abilities, don't miss this show!  Ticket King currently has Sylvia Browne tickets located in the 3rd row of the center section for just $114 a piece. If you would like to attend the show, I would suggest buying your tickets while it's still early, as we always sell out of awesome seats like these! Don't forget you can always stop by our Minneapolis or St. Paul offices to pick your tickets up.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely remember spending my summer Wednesdays watching her on that would be kind of cool to see.