Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ashley Loves Afghan Blankets

One of our newest Ticket Queens here in the Ticket King Minneapolis office just recently brought one of her favorite blankets to work.  It's been hiding in her bag until today, when she lavishly pulled it out for it's debut.  This isn't just some ordinary afghan blanket, oh no.  It's one her Grandmother made for her and it's part of an entire collection of afghans!  Don't worry about Ashley though, she's not sick.  Nor does she have some weird obsession with wearing afghans, she's just cold a lot and wanted to share the beauty of this blanket with her co-workers.  Just in case you were wondering about the history of these colorful blankets, they were first made in Afghanistan in the early 1800s and they've been passed down through generations. They are knitted or crocheted and each one carries a legacy of patience, hard work and history.  She sure looks pretty happy with her afghan doesn't she??  Maybe if you ask her nice enough, she'll have her Grandma make you one too!

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Ticket King Mandi said...

oh my gosh this totally made my dayyy!