Friday, December 10, 2010

Target Center Ozzy Osbourne Concert POSTPONED

Unfortunately I just got news that Ozzy Osbourne has POSTPONED his Minneapolis concert that was suppose to take place this Sunday evening at the Target Center.  Ozzy is taking the advice of his doctors after getting an ear infection and now he's unable to perform.  But don't worry, he'll be back!  Ozzy rescheduled the show for Wednesday, January 12th, so he'll be back in just a few weeks.  Ozzy is known for being a notoriously self-destructive rock star, although he's been sober for several years.  Scientists are even having his genome sequenced, in hopes that they can figure out how he's still alive.  Ozzy was heavily into drugs and drinking for over 40 years, he's broke his neck before and has died TWICE in a chemically induced coma, among other things.  But he's still here today and although he's got an ear infection now, he WILL be back in Minneapolis in a few weeks so hold tight.  The Prince of *bleeping* Darkness will return!

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